We have basically one workout a day. We come in and it’s a group warmup. It’s a skill development and it’s a workout, high fives, go home.

We’re not an Anytime Fitness, or the community center, or something like that. This isn’t just a gym membership. This is coach-led group classes where you have accountability and you have a bunch of people around you yelling and screaming and helping you try to get better every day. It’s just completely different than the other model.

110 Gregg St Ellwood City, PA   –   724-550-8349   –   pngxfit@gmail.com

Workout Of Day

Schedule & Prices

Training Schedule

MONDAY – 6:00 PM
TUESDAY – 6:15 AM** & 5:30 PM
WEDNESDAY –  No Classes
THURSDAY – 6:15 AM** & 5:30 PM
FRIDAY – 5:30 PM
SATURDAY – 8:30 AM (Morning Class Only)

Free Workout Classes Saturday Mornings at 10AM

    **  Email us if you plan to come to the 6:15 AM Class. Certain days, if no one is scheduled, our coaches may not be there. Please make sure someone is there.**



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